ADM Preserves Thousands of Acres

A new report shows that the A.D. Makepeace Company is preserving more than 2,250 acres of open space in Plymouth.

The report, prepared for the company by engineering consultant Beals & Thomas, was presented to the Plymouth Planning Board on April 12.

The report shows that the company has recorded 1,516 acres of conservation land to date, is advancing conservation restrictions for an additional 507 acres.

Additionally, about 230 acres of conservation land in the Redbrook area will be preserved, along with acres of open space within the Redbrook mixed-use community itself.

Some of the property is mitigation for development of the new village at Redbrook and was planned with state and local officials during the permitting process.

“We have worked closely with environmental experts to ensure that the protected property is of genuine environmental significance,” said Jim Kane, president and chief executive officer of the A.D. Makepeace Company. “This is legitimate habitat land whose value is amplified due to the proximity to the Myles Standish State Forest and other open space.”

Mr. Kane praised the regulators for their “researched and reasoned” approach to land conservation.

“Combined with more than 1,1000 acres preserved in Wareham, the conservation outcome here surpasses what was contemplated by environmental advocates some 20 years ago,” Kane said. In 2001, a coalition of environmental organizations asked the company to preserve 2,500 acres.

The 169-year-old A.D. Makepeace Company is developer of the award-winning Redbrook, North America’s largest cranberry grower, the largest private property owner in eastern Massachusetts, and a recognized leader in environmentally responsible real estate development and stewardship.