Redbrook Water System Honored

BOSTON – In honor of National Drinking Water Week, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) announced today that 45 public water systems, four certified operators, and one childcare center have received awards for their noteworthy performance during 2023. Awardees demonstrated excellent water service to the public, no violations or compliance issues, and efforts that support overall public water supply service.

Among those honored was Agawam Springs Water Company, a subsidiary of the A.D. Makepeace Company which provides water to the residents of Redbrook.

“Water is our most valuable natural resource, and it takes the work of experienced professions to protect it from pollution, promote conservation, and build infrastructure to handle our future needs,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “National Drinking Water Week is the perfect time to honor these dedicated water suppliers and professionals who work every day to supply clean, safe, and healthy drinking water to millions of residents across Massachusetts.”

“Clean and sufficient drinking water doesn’t happen by accident. It’s because of the hard work of people like those being recognized today,” said MassDEP Commissioner Bonnie Heiple. “I’m honored to publicly commend these water systems and operators for their exceptional service and distinguished work protecting the health of their communities.”

For 38 years, MassDEP has recognized and awarded exemplary systems that have reached meritorious service for their work during the previous calendar year. Today’s public ceremony honoring the 2024 award recipients was held at the Devens Community Center in Devens, MA.

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